Silkscreened Postcard Box, Document - The Mass Tokyo


The last 10 boxes are now available from my studio in NYC ...


Edition of 500, silk screened card board box, containing thirty 6x8.25" postcards printed on heavy stock, hand numbered box and signed by the photographer.


This was produced in conjunction with the Document Show at The Mass in Tokyo in Spring 2017. All 450 boxes where available and sold in Japan only. This last batch can only be purchased through the studio in NYC.


All boxes and packaging is assembled by hand, irregularities are part of the design and the charm of this item, man made, not machine made.


From Janis Joplin's accoustic guitar, Bert Stern's Rolleiflex, Marilyn Monroe's Goyard trunks, James Dean's room key to the Iroquis Hotel and so many more...


Send post cards NOT emails.



US$ 250.00 - SOLD OUT
Silkscreened Postcard Box,  Document - The Mass Tokyo